understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Out of the fullness of My Heart, O Beloved Students of Los Angeles, I send to you on the Words of My Love, the Truth that has given Me My Freedom. Only such a short time ago I, like yourselves, was making My great earnest search for Light and Freedom.

When the Blessed Master in India said to Me, “On a great mountain in North America, you will meet the one who will assist you to the Ascension”, I was just a lad; but I believed every word He said.

There never was a question in My mind, either in the outer or Inner activity, that ever doubted. Yet, years after My mother passed on, then I began the search.

It seemed incredible, when I went forth with such fragmentary information, that I should attempt to find the mountain, let alone the individual. Yet always there was the Inner Impelling Force which drove Me on.

When time after time I met disappointment and I would think to Myself, “I shall give up”, within an hour there would come from within Me a great powerful, Inner Surge which could not be denied, and again I would go forth.

Then the day came when, in the joy I had in hiking about on Mount Shasta and at perhaps the least expected time, I came upon this Beloved Brother seated on a log.

When the Great Revelation came and I suddenly saw in his hand the Crystal Cup of which the Master had spoken, it seemed all the Powers of My Being – My entire Being – were released.

I did not know up to that moment it was possible to experience such calm joy. Instead of an ecstatic, almost terrifying joy, deep from somewhere within Me came a great deep Joy of knowing.

This Good Brother, in astonishment as great as Mine, stood looking at the Cup in his hand. It filled with a Wondrous Liquid, that Wondrous Substance!

Having lived all those years without a single doubt in My being of the ultimate Victory, even at the times when discouragement came, still there always continued a certainty of knowing My Final Victory.

I seized and drank that Liquid with great eagerness! Then for a moment I was almost terrified because of the great Electrical Force which charged through every atom of My being.

Then the Great Light spread over this form before you, making the arms such blazing Light you could scarcely look into them. Those hands took mine and I felt again a Tremendous Charge flood My being.

Each moment the sense of weight grew less. Then as My feet left the Earth, I knew, oh, I knew My Victory had come!”

David Lloyd

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