understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Please feel tonight as I am giving you My own Experience, speaking to you the Words of the Truth that actually occurred in My own Life and experience, then you can feel the great Reality of It which will be of untold assistance to you.

I said to this Good Brother as I stood there in midair, Myself not the slightest concerned in consciousness as to what was going to take place, but accepting the Great Wisdom that I knew was acting, “One day I shall return and render you a Service.” Tonight, if you will permit Me, I shall render you a Service.

Only when you have accomplished the Victory of the Ascension will you see just how much is accomplished in this short hour.

The Transformation took place and I felt it very clearly, but not having a mirror I did not see the Transformation as this Good Brother did. I knew that he was seeing It just as clearly as he could be. Then, the Great Ray of Light descended from the “Presence” and I disappeared within It, leaving forever all limitations behind.

You just must feel now how I felt then and have felt ever since. It is a Joy too great to try to voice, because It is alone comprehended in the feeling.

I was an Englishman by birth, so grateful for this opportunity – and Englishmen are not any too receptive. Yet how ready I was so to comprehend.

Oh, My Dear Ones, in all the wide world there is nothing that really matters but Freedom from human limitations and your Ascension. Then in one day you can serve almost as much as one lifetime in the physical form.

Now will you rejoice with Me that tonight My Service has begun in the outer world again. You cannot imagine – I am sure you cannot – My Joy.

You love the Beloved Messengers, I know; but you can hardly compare your love with My Love to this Good Brother through whom My Victory was made possible.

It is difficult for the outer intellect to comprehend, Precious Ones, just what that means; but I assure you, through My Feeling I shall endeavor with all earnestness to convey My Feeling into your feeling world, and qualify It to act there with definite power and purpose for you.”

David Lloyd

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