understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Precious Ones, may I just take a few moments longer to call your attention to an activity that We have seen manifest through the Messengers. In various places they have been, such inharmony and confusion reigned; but just as quickly as they came, all that subsided and disappeared.

You in Los Angeles at one time saw the activity of just such great chaos. You saw when they returned how quickly it dissolved and disappeared. It can be so in your individual Life – just the same. The “Presence” did it then; the “Presence” will do it individually.

When the Blessed Ones went to San Francisco, confusion was reigning there through unfortunate individuals who intruded themselves. Again, wonderful Blessing and Happiness reigns.

So it is everywhere. Any place there is one or more who can stand firm and unyielding in the Activity of their “Mighty I AM Presence”, Its Radiance goes forth without limit and performs Its Miracles of Harmonious Activity.

This is what I want you to feel, if you will; that you too are a Pillar of Light moving in your world, whose Radiance from the “Presence” is so strong that no discord can exist in the world about you.

As you determine, decree and feel this, so does it come about and cause it to be eternally sustained. It is a beautiful thing! It is in the reach of every precious one of you.”


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