understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“One time about thirty years ago, as you comprehend time, it was My Privilege in India to come upon a condition where a little child had been badly injured. The spine and back had been broken, and one arm and one leg.

That little child – a little boy – lay there in such agony, when from the Higher Octaves My attention was called to it. I afterwards found it was because of previous association.  I went immediately and lowered the rate of vibration of My Body. I became Visible, just touched the brow of the little child, and immediately all was perfect.

Such is the Freedom which your Life can give you! That is the Power without limit which all can wield! As described in The Magic Presence, when Saint Germain touched the child that was so distorted – almost beyond recognition – immediately Perfection took its place.

So you, or your “Mighty I AM Presence” through you, could today perform a similar Service, if you could but realize it and still your human activity and feeling enough.

Just as through this body you see standing before you here was given such assistance as was recorded in the Books, so could your “Mighty I AM Presence” render a similar Assistance through you. That is what he so earnestly tries to convey to you.

Your “Presence” is not limited in what It can do in , for, and through you; but It does require your continued Harmony long enough to let Its Power gain Dominion. Will you not feel that?

Keep this before your outer consciousness so you may have the Blessing, Freedom, and Glory of that Light ever manifesting Its Perfection in and through you.

You are no longer limited, Precious Ones! Do not let fear beset you any longer through your seeming lack of finances. Your “Mighty I AM Presence” is your Treasure House; and if you will call earnestly, It will open ways and means by which you are supplied continually.

There is no limit to what It wishes you to have. It only asks you to be harmonious long enough so It can pour forth and release all you require.”


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