understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“See how great your privilege is, oh Precious Ones, not only in having your own freedom, but in the Blessing you can pour forth to the rest of mankind, who are struggling, struggling, struggling.

Oh, Precious Ones, you know what your own struggles have been – all so unnecessary – just because you had forgotten and did not understand any longer.

Will you not enter with great and full joy into this Freedom which is yours now, and be the Perfection of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, constantly called forth into action by you?

Now Beloved Ones, remember:  Besides these two Activities of calling your “Presence” into action and the Assistance of the Great Cosmic Light, around your “Mighty I AM Presence”, as shown by the Circle of Color on the Chart, is your own Accumulation of Good, which the “Presence” has drawn there and holds for you. It is your Accumulation of Good through the centuries.

Once you have given sufficient attention to your “Mighty I AM Presence”, then that Good will be released into your outer use; for It is the threefold Activity of the Mighty Unfed Flame – the most powerful Activity which can be given into the use of the Children of Earth.

One day, possibly in three places in your America, will stand visible to all, that Mighty Unfed Flame! Then you will not require human laws in your land to hold all in Obedience;

but because of the Great Light within themselves, all will give natural and willing Obedience – as they did in the civilization in South America referred to as the Buried Cities of the Amazon, as they did in the seventy-thousand-year civilization in which Saint Germain was the Ruler.

All of that great Perfection will come again, on even a spiral higher in Its Great Perfection. This time It is to be eternally sustained.

So you of today are living in a period and have a Privilege unparalleled on Earth. Will you not keep yourselves reminded of this?

For your precious children, will you not call their “Mighty I AM Presence” to take command of each mind and body, produce Its Perfection and hold Its Dominion there, filling their lives with the Beauty and Perfection which the “Presence” holds for them?

No matter what the provocation, hold your own feelings always harmonious. Then see how quickly your homes, your lives will be filled with the Glory of your “Presence”, which is Divine Love in Action and pours out through all concerned into your world and all that touches it.”


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