understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In Our time the attainment was far more complicated than the Application you have today in the outer experience. Yet in that Great Simplicity, those Great Ones from Venus assisted in bringing It forth.

May I remind you who are here tonight of the statement of the Great Master from Venus, when the arrangement was made for these Books to go forth?

He said emphatically that these Books must go forth in a simple language which the layman could understand – free from all technical terms; and the Great Wisdom of His Decree has in thousands of ways been made manifest already. Even the children are able to apply this Law, quite as well as the grown people, and with quite as firm, definite results.

That proves the Ascended Masters’ Wisdom which brought forth the “I AM” Instruction in this simplicity. It is free from all old terminology which has been so confusing to mankind in the various things that have come forth before, because each in itself has had different terminology.

Observe the people of India and Persia where We gained Our Victory – of the Orient, of the various parts of the World! Never – anywhere – has this Great Knowledge come forth so simplified and so purified as Saint Germain has given It to you.

Any human being on the face of the Earth who will earnestly with determination apply these Laws according to the Direction He has given, and put out of the mind all previous concepts, will have such magnificent results as no one on the Earth could imagine, until he tries it out.”


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