understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Children whose Home is in the Light, We reach forth Our Loving Arms to hold you in Our Embrace of Light, in your conscious endeavor to free yourselves from human creation and limitation.

Well do I know what that means, and what Happiness is in store for you as in your great firm determination you continue to call for the Great Loving, Powerful Activity of your “Mighty I AM Presence” to flood your mind, body, and world, and do for you that which your “Presence” alone is able to accomplish.

Then in every effort that you make, you find in that achievement a permanently attained and established activity; for you do not have to keep repeating it, because once accomplished, it stands there serving you.

You who are having this Knowledge of the “Presence”, your “Mighty I AM”, are fortunate above all Children of Earth. You become a Great Golden Sun as well, for you have an all-powerful Scepter of Dominion within your grasp to use.

Any one of you children from four, five, or six years can and will begin to use that Scepter with definite precision. This means the gaining of a momentum and achievement which is dauntless before all mankind.

We, all of Us who have reached the Ascended State, Beloved Ones, have gone identically the same way. There is but one road to the Eternal Perfection and Freedom for mankind!

It is this identical Knowledge of the “Presence” which Saint Germain has brought forth. There is no other road in all the Universe. Every one of Us had to follow these same Steps which He has brought to you, so simplified.”


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