understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Tonight it is My Great Joy while I am talking to you – and that is Our reason for coming forth in the Groups – to pour forth Our Radiance and Closeness. It is just as though We took each one of you individually in Our Arms in the physical form and held you close, that you might know how REAL We are. One day you will know there is nothing intangible about Us.

You mothers and fathers! I am a Mother of three Children. The Master Cha Ara, who dictated to you recently, is My son, and there are two other Children who are not known in the outer world, as He is.

The three Children did not make their Ascension until after I did, but all of Our family did make the Ascension. As soon as I had made Mine, I was able to render Assistance to Them; and their willing obedience enabled Them to quickly win the Ascension after My Achievement.

Therefore, Dear Ones, when We speak to you in this manner, you cannot help but feel Our Reality and the Truth of which We speak, because It is the Truth – and your Heart knows the Truth in spite of your intellect.

This is the thing, Precious Ones, that every earnest “I AM” Student will come to understand so very vividly. It is why this Good Messenger has said to the Class so many times:  “Anyone without a spark of Faith, who will with earnest sincerity begin to call the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ into action, will have all the proof in the world he wants – which will give him Faith if he does not have It already.”

This is a most astounding Statement to make, but it is true. The world has tried to live on Faith without Understanding. Its supply appears sometimes and sometimes it does not.

This is what has distressed mankind so greatly because in prayer as the orthodox world has known of it, sometimes the feeling was intensely poured forth in the prayer, which released the Power of the “Presence” to fulfill it, but not always. There have been a great many prayers that have not been answered.

Now in your Knowledge and Call to the “Mighty I AM Presence”, which is the greatest Power in the Universe, you cannot fail to have an Answer. Stand by your “Presence”, which is your Life, and know this Ascended Master Understanding, Beloved Ones!

It does not require Faith! You have the Understanding which knows where the Powerhouse is – the Intelligence – and knows positively that you are really a part of It.

It being anchored within you, within your Heart, then you know you have Its Authority there. Not even your intellect can interfere with your earnest Call, if you will make the Call!”


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