understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When Saint Germain said to Me: “You shall meet Mrs. Rayborn ere long, and it is possible for you to make the Ascension with My Assistance” – can you just feel My feeling now?

I just accepted it, never questioning how or anything about it. I just accepted it and like a child I said to Him, “Well, whatever I can do, You can depend on Me, I will do to assist.”

When We went to the Cave of Symbols and for the first time Mrs. Rayborn came in Her Wondrous Ascended Body, as tangible as our own physical bodies – no happiness, it seemed to Me, ever could excel it in any way.

I want you to feel how real all of this is which Our Blessed, Wondrous Saint Germain has brought to you. We are the living proof of all He has brought to you, even in so short a time. I want you to feel this.

In your outer intellect, you do not realize what your “Presence” might do for you in a given time or quickly. I did not know what was to happen, any more than this Good Brother assisting in the Ascension on Mount Shasta, had any idea of what he experienced.

That is why We in every way try to convey this into your feeling world; for in no wise, Beloved Ones, limit yourselves or what the “Presence” can do in, through, and for you.

Watch out for that, and do not let your human feeling limit you in any way.”

Mr. Rayborn

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