understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Precious Ones, in your Decrees and Songs tonight, considering the number of individuals here, it was simply amazing the Power and Energy that you released. I congratulate you with all My Heart.

Never weary in the wondrous work which you are doing here in your Group. We, from time to time, will endeavor to convey to you certain Qualities, certain Activities that you may not just be aware of for the time being. Yet all of sudden you will find Them coming into outer manifestation in your activity as you go forward.

During this time before the wonderful Class {Pan Pacific Auditorium} there will be a great joy; for really a great preparation is going on within you so that you will comprehend and receive more, perhaps, from this Class than all that have gone before.

Does that sound rather incredible? It is not, because as you advance in the Expansion of the Light which illumines the mind, you will find a greater clearness acting – a luminous comprehension, as it were.

Point after point of vital importance, you will grasp like that {quick wave of hand}, hold fast to it, and never let it get away – because all these Qualities charged into your feeling world by Us, who are endeavoring so earnestly to give forth the greatest possible Assistance, will always remain active there.

It is not an Activity that can ever be lost to you. Thus, a sincere effort is being made before this Class to do this; for We want you blessed ones in Los Angeles, on the return of the Messengers, to be prepared for certain things which We hope to find manifest.

Would you say that this is a Promise? Not quite. Yet who knows?

Oh, Beloved Ones, when We have gained such complete Freedom and see the great love and sincerity in the Hearts of those yet in embodiment, do you think there is anything in the world that We would not do which is within the Great Law, to give you Assistance to the same Freedom?

Oh, how We long to see you absolutely free, standing with Us.”

Mr. Rayborn

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