understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, Beloved Ones, how I long tonight to just lift you all up into Our Octave where you suddenly become aware of all Beauty and Perfection.

As the beloved ones sang “The Fragrance of the Lily” tonight {Mrs. Rogers over the radio}, I thought, oh, how wonderful is the natural Fragrance of those Higher Octaves of Light when from everyone goes forth that Radiance and Fragrance as of some rare flower.

Many of you who are still here in human form will begin to radiate that fragrance as of a rare flower, in the Acknowledgment of your “Presence”. You cannot help it.

We do see clearly the progress, advancement, and Expansion of the Light within your Hearts. What a joy, what an encouragement it is to Us to see mankind at last becoming consciously aware of its own dominion.

Through it, the individual holds his own Scepter of Power in his hand, wielding It to give him freedom from limitation. Thus he attains his Ascension.

Who could have believed three years before My Ascension, what was to come? I could have no more believed that such a thing was possible than anything in the world.

This Good Brother came into My home, and then so shortly after, Saint Germain came in His Tangible Body. On the first visit, We talked for some hours. In His Presence all seemed so natural. There was not a single feeling within Me of questioning, even of the many wonderful things He said to Me.

On that first visit, he said to Me:  “My Brother, Mrs. Rayborn is not dead; there is no such thing. I have assisted Her to make the Ascension.” I said to Him, “What is that?” He replied, “Do you not believe in the Ascension of Jesus?” “Well”, I answered, “I think I do.”

Now remember, Beloved Ones, I was not what you would call a church individual; but I always believed in right, justice, and kindliness.

However, when He said that to Me – all the time of course, He was pouring His Wondrous Presence and Assistance into and through My being – as He mentioned the various things, all seemed just as natural as could be. There was never a doubt or a question in my mind as He presented the various points of Activity.

We find so many blessed ones today who, when they become aware of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, have no doubts or questions. They just know It is true. Every Heart in human form on Earth knows that the Chart of the “Presence” is true and correct.

saint germain God presence chart

Many times the intellect still dominates enough so it overrules the Heart temporarily and makes the individual have doubts or questioning as to Its Reality.

Once any individual has looked upon the Chart, all human doubt and questioning must cease and will disappear because every Heart knows Its own great Reality and Perfection.

Every Heart knows that Mighty “Presence” is there, and the opportunity of calling your attention to It is the most wonderful thing which ever could come to mankind anywhere.”

Mr. Rayborn

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