understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want you to know how naturally the Great Law of your “Presence” will act when sufficient Harmony is maintained in your feelings.

As I look upon it now, there were many opportunities when I could have felt discordant; but it seemed at every condition that might have started some disturbance, there was always an Inner Action which was stronger. Now that is your condition, Beloved Ones, today.

No matter what the outer provocation is, you, in the Knowledge of your “Presence”, have acting – now notice – you have acting a stronger Impulse from your “Presence” which will control you and enable you to feel harmonious in the face of all provocation.

This is what I so much want to convey into your feeling world tonight. You actually have Self-control and Mastery in your Acknowledgment of the “Presence”.

Do not make it a struggle;  just let your “Presence” act. You need not bother about conditions in the Acknowledgment of your “Presence”.

For instance, if there be qualities within yourself that you do not care to have there longer, just with a great calm serenity say:  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, take out of me that quality and replace it with Your Satisfaction and Perfection.”  If it be a habit, do the same thing, and the “Presence” will always respond.

If it does not just at the first time you ask, well surely you would not give up and say, “It just could not be done.” That would be a great mistake and an injustice to your “Presence”, because your “Presence” never fails.

You are the decreer for your world. If through your feelings you requalify that which you have set forth into action, well then you will have the same old result which you previously had.

Simply say to all appearances:

“You have no more power in my world! I refuse acceptance of every discordant, limiting appearance!  ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, take charge and fill my world with Your Activity, with Your Directing Intelligence! Release from Your Treasure House my limitless supply of money and whatever I require! Release from Your Great Fountain of Youth My Eternal Perfection and Beauty!”

Ladies, and gentlemen also, should all do this if they wish. It is not vanity to wish to be lovely to look upon.

I say to you blessed ones and the blessed young people that are here:  it is a great honor to your Wondrous “Presence” to maintain all the Beauty and Perfection you can. There is no limit to what your “Presence” will do for you in that respect.

Give your “Presence” the great honor of releasing Its Infinite Supply of every good thing! Give It the great honor of filling you with Its Eternal, Perfect Health, which It holds for you.”

Mr. Rayborn

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