understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Think of it, Beloved Ones! That Great Stream of Energy flowing into your body and anchored within your Heart is all Perfection and Power. Just feel that Mighty Energy expanding into every cell of your body. See, you could not have ill health; you could not have disturbance of any kind longer in your body if you would just really do that.

Now notice – if you will pardon My reference to My family – up until the Change took place with Mrs. Rayborn, which really was not illness and I know it now, there never had been one moment’s illness in our family. I know today it was because of the harmony maintained in the feelings.

It allowed the Pure Energy of the “Presence” to do Its Perfect Work at the time, just naturally.

This is what you are coming to now, Dear Ones, in your Call to the “Presence”. Ere long you will find a sufficiently intensified volume of Energy from your “Presence” flowing in and through your body to keep out, or in other words to keep repelled from your human form, every discordant thing; and what a joyous, wonderful thing that is!

I cite this to you tonight for the benefit and blessing of these blessed ones who have started the Activity here, that you and the young people who are being blessed by it, may know what complete Harmony in your activity means.

It means success in every single effort of the outer activity; for if your feeling world is harmonious, everyone who touches its radiance will love you, because there is not anything repellent in it.

If there be discordant and ugly feelings in your feeling world, anyone coming near you, whether they be sensitive or not, cannot help but feel that repellent force. Discord is always repellent.

Harmony is always attractive and constantly draws all good to you like a great Magnet. That was what made My success in the outer world of activity. I did not make any special effort, so to speak; but I know now, Dear Ones, it was because of the natural Harmony acting within My feeling world, which attracted things to Me – wealth, health, and those who served Me harmoniously and wonderfully.

You know, from the human sense, a mine is about the most difficult place for people to maintain Harmony and Order in the feeling world, because of the old momentum which has been gained in that activity; but there was complete Harmony maintained in our experience.

Those men who were, and are still there, would lay down their lives for Me if they thought it were necessary. They do not know of My Ascension yet. They think I am just traveling in foreign lands.

Well, it may be foreign, but very beautiful; yet it could hardly be called foreign lands, for in that Great Octave of Life is Our Real Home.”

Mr. Rayborn

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