understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Most Beloved Students of the Light and of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, I consider it a very great privilege and joy to voice tonight that which has meant so much to Me. Not just in the accomplishment of the Ascension and My Freedom through It, but as I look upon the years that passed before, I see how much I was actually living in accordance with the Law, which I did not outwardly understand then.

I feel tonight that I should be able to convey to you how you too may have this same great Freedom of the Ascension, through those very experiences which were Mine.

I know now that I intuitively knew, wholly through the Inner Prompting of the “Presence” that gave Me Life, the need of outer success in Life. I knew the need was to be humble, to be kind, yet firm in that which I knew to be right.

After the Ascension I was able to see how that Great Law of My “Mighty I AM Presence” was acting through Me unknowingly, by kindness. A natural quality within My human form kept Me sufficiently harmonized, and there involuntarily flowed through Me the great Qualities and Energy of the “Presence” to do the things required in My outer world of activity.

This Good Messenger marveled at the harmony of My men at the ranch and at the time. That was not because of any outer volition of Mine, but was the result – now please notice this, Beloved Ones – of the Harmony that was maintained within My feeling world.

Naturally, the “Presence” saw the opportunity to render a Service through this Harmony which was, as I now know, quite extraordinary.

A love poured forth through My feeling world to all that I contacted. While it seemed quite natural then and took no special effort on My part, yet I know now it was the “Presence” acting – causing a Great Love to flow forth which was of sufficient volume to keep those about Me harmonious.

My family, I am so happy to say, never had a discordant vibratory action in their lives. Even Rex and Nada just were obedient. They did not quarrel or seem to have any desire except just the joy and happiness of exercise and freedom. Today there will be many come into the world in that same way.”

Mr. Rayborn

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