understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to charge into your feeling world My very powerful Conviction that you cannot fail in a single instance, Dear Hearts, in your Application of your “Mighty I AM Presence”. You cannot do it! I will not accept failure for any one of mankind!

Every one of humanity shall apply this Law of the “Mighty I AM Presence” to their Eternal Freedom. I shall stand by It, for it was decreed that I be that Authority for the Earth; and having sent It forth, I stand back of It and of all of you until you have your Freedom.

There is naught in human creation that shall ever stop your freedom or that shall ever stop the Freedom of America. AMERICA SHALL BE FREE, FOREVER! There is naught in humanity that shall interfere with it.

Remember all that seems to have such a desire is but an appearance; and you have been taught to say to all such appearances, “You have no power!” – and they have not!

Oh, Beloved Children of Earth, if once you understand the Authority that you have in all appearances of imperfection or destructive activity, and you say the moment they appear, “You have no power!” – then they have not, for you or your America.

Do you not see, Beloved Children of Earth, when you issue that Mighty Decree, the Power of the Universe rushes forward into action to fulfill your requirement because you are calling for the Freedom of America through the Power of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, which is a thousand times more powerful than anything that will bring destruction!

See how you have the full Power and Authority in issuing these Decrees, by saying to every appearance – whether it is individual, city, or nation – to every appearance that is less than Divine Justice, “You have no power!” Mean it! Feel it! And let that Mighty Decree go forth doing Its Perfect Work.

You are yet, Beloved Ones, only partially aware of the Powerful Good which is in your hands in the acceptance of your “Presence”, and in issuing of these Decrees.

“Decree a thing and it shall be so unto you.” Again feel these words: “Your outer determination is the Activity of your Inner Will, the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’.”

All of you have determination. If you become angry, have you not plenty of determination? You are dauntless for that moment. Then, that same determination released on the constructive side of your activities becomes many times more powerful, because it is in agreement with the Law of Life. You can generate it and call it forth at will. Do not let your human intellect ever say to you, you cannot do it. You can, and you do realize it more each day.

Use your determination to hold in obedience everything from your own human intellect, your human creations, or anyone else’s, which would attempt to interfere with your Decree.

Then you have become the Master of whatever you call forth into manifestation and action.”

Tall Master From Venus

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