understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In Our Activity upon Venus, We have the most wonderful rhythm in the dance, and music most exquisite; but never in any of those activities is there a thought of anything but Perfection – for as one enters into the great swing or rhythm of ecstasy and enjoyment, so does one learn to feel the Glories of the Rhythm of the Universe.

Ere long, all broken rhythm will disappear from your Earth, for it has brought such distress upon mankind in recent years. It has shattered many hundreds of thousands!

It has shattered the emotional bodies until they were unable to gather and hold sufficient cohesive activity to maintain their health. Thus has it shattered the forms, and they are lost so far as use to the individual is concerned.

Do you know why the majority of the savages in the jungle live so short a time? Because of the tom-tom rhythm that is in their jungle activities. Few live past middle age. Now and then one who through the feeling has conceived a certain part of the Law, lives to be sometimes eighty years old or a little more.

Try to comprehend the difference between that and the former activity. Before the Understanding of the Ascension was brought into the outer world, many, many of mankind maintained Life in the body for two, three, four, five, or six hundred years.

The Beloved Cha Ara, who spoke at one of your Groups recently, maintained Life in His Body for five hundred years before he made the Ascension, because He had been One who came into that understanding through the old activity of the occult law, before it was My Privilege to set it aside for the Earth.

You know of the Messenger’s unyielding stand on this point and have heard him speak so firmly of that night in the Royal Teton when I issued this Decree for the Earth which has gone forth.

That Decree is doing a most wonderful Work for the Earth, and I shall forever bless this Good Messenger for the strength and courage with which he asserted the Cosmic Authority with which I give this forth to so many of mankind.

Oh, how greatly We love and give praise and thanks for his courage and strength to go forth and carry this Message which means everything to mankind. That old occult law had to fade from the Earth because of the wreckage it has wrought in mankind.

I tell you, Dear Hearts, it has brought forth greater wreckage into humanity than you will ever know, because human concepts had crept in from every angle and, ofttimes, it was used to hold fear over mankind instead of to give freedom.

Of course some of the occult teachers and students who had done that very thing were fierce in their attitude against this Good Brother, but they could not touch him.

So, Dear Ones, have all the courage in the world in calling your “Mighty I AM Presence” into action. Stand with firm determination by that which you call into action, for there is no means possible by which you can fail – in anything – when you call your “Mighty I AM Presence” into action.”

Tall Master From Venus

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