understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, let Us come down to your human experiences before you entered into this Understanding of the “Mighty I AM Presence”. For a moment remind yourself of how many times, time – notice – time hung heavy upon your hands. You did not know just what to do with yourself. Remember that! Then what happened? You began to conceive ideas to kill time.

As the Great One Arcturus mentioned this today, may I repeat it to you again tonight? Do not ever use the word or expression again, “I want to kill time.” You want to transcend time! Will you be kind enough to use that expression, “I want to transcend time”?

Do you know that tonight you are really transcending time and space? Why? Because your attention is upon Me. I do not consider time nor space. It no longer exists for Me, and that is why I am here tonight – to help you to more quickly transcend time and space.

Now, what takes place in this Activity? First, you will find yourself doing the outer activities with a greater ease and a speed you had not before thought possible. Then you will find this , that, and the other thing is accomplished quickly. You will find much more time to give to your “Mighty I AM Presence”; and when you do have extra time, please do not spend it in playing bridge and such things.

Oh, it is not that We do not want you to be happy – but see what your attention is upon!

Do you know what is in your Earth’s atmosphere concerning cards, and what your playing cards represent? The element of gambling. That is the general consciousness which pervades mankind, Dear Ones. Do you want to be a part of that consciousness? There are many other things through which you can have great Happiness.

Now do not think that I am trying to take anything away from you of which you are fond. I am just citing to you the Law. We do not urge anyone to follow what We say, but We must cite the Law which is acting within you and your world.”

Tall Master From Venus

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