understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As you advance, oh, Beloved Ones, in a clearer, more definite understanding of the Power which is within your hands to use, through the Acknowledgment of your “Presence”, you cannot make any mistake.

There are a few who have tried to interfere with this Law and make false accusations against this Good Brother. They have been foolish enough to think they could, through their “Mighty I AM Presence”, bring destruction to him. What nonsense!

God help those unfortunate creatures who utter falsehood against his character! We stand back of him! And every human being on the face of this Earth that utters aught against him or his co-worker, shall swallow those words. Mark what I tell you!

Do you think when We have found those who have been courageous enough to carry forth this Message, and then someone comes along and tries to besmirch their characters, that We shall stand idly by and see it attempted further?

I want you to spread this Word to anybody who attempts to fill your minds with falsehoods.

He has been clean and pure enough to be able to receive Dictations from Beings who for thousands of years have been wholly Pure and Perfect. That any creature is so foolish as to attempt to spread falsehood concerning such a one’s character is inconceivable.

The foolishness of individuals who have once thought that they could bluff mankind into obedience to their nefarious work, proves they have lost their way.

No longer does the bluff of human creation affect the Student of the Light! The pitiful thing is that those individuals shall reap the agony of that which they send forth, and nothing can prevent it because they have set it into action themselves.

I want you to know, oh, Beloved Ones, that the Light protects Its own! You are Children of the Light – “the Light of God that never fails!”

Through your Call, and the use of the Violet Consuming Flame to keep all creation which has been drawn about you consumed before it finds expression, you will never find anything in the world that can harm you.”

Tall Master From Venus

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