understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, We want you to know, Blessed Ones, how We love you; how the Messengers and the Staff love you; how grateful is Our Love to you for your Love which you pour out to the Messengers and Ourselves.

You have heard the Statement so often:   “‘I AM’ the Open Door which no man can shut.” Do you know what that really means? Your outpouring of love is the Open Door, because that Love comes from your “Mighty I AM Presence’. Your outpouring of love is the Open Door which no man can shut;  for it keeps you a pure, open channel for the Glorious Radiance and Energy from your “Presence” to pour forth to bless you.


In closing, let Me say to you:  do not accept, Precious Ones, ever again the lack of energy in your bodies. Do not do that! It is only your human concept which limits you. Oh, just like that {wave of hand}, burst every thing that is binding you!

Allow the Great Energy from the “Presence” to flow through – and It will at your Call. Try it! Say:

“‘Mighty I AM Presence’! Charge my mind and body with Your Limitless Energy, with Your Perfect Health! You are the Perfect Action of my body, ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ – I had forgotten that;  but now, since I know it, I will not accept anything else into my world but Your Perfect Activity.”

If one has a sense of age, it will quickly disappear. You would feel the joyous activity of a young girl. It is possible for you to do that and quickly! The gentlemen may do the same.

Do you remember the old Statement Our Blessed One made:  “Except ye become as little children, ye cannot enter the Kingdom”?  Do you not see, Precious Ones, what is meant by that?  As you become consciously aware of your “Presence” and are able to release Its Energy at your Call – the Limitless Energy from your “Presence” – do you not see that you have youth and freedom of action?

Although you are grown in form, you are as little children in the activity of your freedom and the alertness of your intellect. This is a very wonderful thing, It is here for the use of all who really accept it.”

Mrs. Rayborn

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