understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain, the Great Master from Venus, Nada, the Divine Director, and I have recently discussed this very Activity. We are trusting that the Great Cosmic Law will permit certain things to be done for certain of the “I AM” Students, to be an example for the rest. That which I referred to above is one of them.

We may take one who shows the appearance of perhaps sixty years – you know that is quite young these days. Then We would quickly bring about the Transformation of Eternal Youth in appearance as well as activity, that mankind may see the result of the Power of their “Presence” and what It can do for them.

A few examples of that kind, I am sure, would be absolute and complete liberation of mankind. There would no doubt be many things done which will give the evidence. You know the human. Oh, it wants evidence so much, and yet within its own human form is the greatest evidence of the Universe.

The very anchorage of Life in the human form is the greatest proof possible. There could be no greater evidence, if individuals but knew it; but still there are being planned many things for humanity which will more quickly enable them to accept the great Outpouring from the “Presence” and give them the quick Victory.

I rejoice in this opportunity, in My humble way, to give Assistance to you today. I thank the beloved sister Mrs. Woodard for the opportunity of expressing My Wishes; to you, Precious Ones, for being able to accept it, for I am so rejoiced at the great acceptance you have been able to feel of My humble Efforts. Will you not carry this with you constantly – My Feeling, My Presence of your Victory?

Think of it! Only very recently, Dear Hearts, was My Victory accomplished – only just a few years ago. Think of it! It is not some far-off age that I come to tell you of My Victory.

The Beloved Saint Germain invited Me to come, because in so recent an Achievement He says He thinks I can convey more quickly and clearly into your feeling world that which is your Victory, because it was Mine also.

Today, I rejoice with all My Heart, and I shall have to stop or our Beloved Lady Betty will run out of Books.

We just love you with a Love that is a Mighty Dissolving Activity, dissolving every imperfection which has existed in your world. Will you not accept It?

In the use of the Violet Consuming Flame, call your “Presence” into action to complete the Activity quickly. Then stand forth joyous and free; for God, the “Mighty I AM Presence” in you – in your Heart – is your certain Victory!

I thank you.”

Mrs. Rayborn

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