understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Here is the great encouragement in the Understanding, Activity, and acceptance of your “Mighty I AM Presence” today.

Let us take for an example one who only partially feels the Reality of his own “Mighty I AM Presence”. One day he thinks, “I believe that is true” – and tomorrow, “I am not so sure about it.” That person is wavering and will not have the quick Victory.

Suppose he says, “I know that ‘Presence’ is there, and nothing shall take that away from me.”  Then he enters into a positive state, and he will receive the Power more quickly.

With one who has been wavering, once he has contemplated the Chart, the Heart knows Its Reality. If he does not gain the Victory in this embodiment, then he certainly will in the next.

This is the beauty, the wonder of this Understanding of your “Presence”.

Whatever you do not gain in this embodiment – when you go forth free from the body, you will carry with you clearly and vividly all you have gained in the Understanding of your “Mighty I AM Presence”. Then when you have cast off the body, you stand free.

Thus, the Ascended Masters will take you into Their Octave of Light. They will complete the full feeling within you of your Reality and the Victory. When you come back into your next embodiment, you will quickly gain your Victory and the Ascension.

That is why, Precious Ones, this Understanding is so powerful and far-reaching. Every step you gain in the Acknowledgment of your “Presence” is Eternal. You never lose it! Nor can you ever forget it – I mean within your feeling world.

You know, the intellect is a very curious actor. It jumps from place to place out here and only judges from the appearances; but the Heart stands steady and firm. It knows! It never jumps from one thing to the other. It is always accepting the “Mighty I AM Presence”; but the intellect, through its ability to judge from partial information, makes constant mistakes.

It says to the Heart, “Oh no, no! These things cannot be true.” But the Heart goes serenely on, ignoring its attitude, knowing some day, somewhere, that intellect will have to subside and give obedience to the “Presence”.

That allows the Power of the Heart to act in Its Fullness. Then comes the Freedom! Then comes the Joy which fills the Hearts of all mankind.”

Our Precious Lady Betty is having a day of real work, but how she is being blessed in that work. I want her, Lady Betty, to know how joyously We have stood guard to give her Assistance to her complete Victory. She is winning it in a wonderful manner. Her wonderful, limitless service in the Staff has been so beautiful. You precious ones in your way too are winning that great Victory.

Our Blessed “Little Dynamite”, as some of the Students have come to call the Blessed Messenger Mrs. Ballard – how We love her! You cannot imagine, Precious Ones, that dauntless, limitless, courageous Service which she is rendering – working all day and all night in getting these things ready that give you Blessing and Freedom.

Even today, when she would love to be present, she is working on the Decree Book to have those Decrees ready for you, to help you all possible to your Freedom.”

Mrs. Rayborn

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