understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Returning again to My own Experience:  It was made clear to Me how, by directing certain Currents of Energy from My “Presence”, I could – instead of releasing Myself from the body – by those Mighty Currents purify that body which lay there apparently helpless, and then raise it into its Eternal Perfection and Activity.

Precious Ones, the day you experience that, it will never be forgotten in Eternity. Oh, the thrill of the Victory when you begin to see the change through the Rays!

In My case, I was in My Higher Mental Body pouring these Rays forth on the body which I thought, as the outer memory closed and the Inner began, I was leaving behind. As I turned and from the Higher Mental Body began to project those Rays, I watched in every cell of that body the change which took place.

I watched the Light renewing it and installing or expanding the Life, the Light within each cell; and I watched the density with which I had clothed it dissolve. Then to see that body raise and come to Me!


Thank you for feeling that so vividly.  I feel greatly rejoiced that you can feel the Reality which I wish to convey to you. It will always remain, Beloved Ones, within your feeling world, and I greatly appreciate it.

My humble Efforts today will not have been in vain, for I rejoice that so many of you can accept It fully! Allow it to become active in your Life to do Its Perfect Work in your body.”


Mrs. Rayborn

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