understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Great Ascended Masters assisting and the Beloved Saint Germain, who has such Courage, brought forth this Work and stood guard over It until now. It is expanding the Light in these Groups, which this Beloved Messenger has found he could come to and voice Our Wishes to you. Far more than that, It carries into your feeling world the Reality which We know to be for your Blessing.

So in this Activity today, there is another great step of Achievement. Do you wonder, you who are so greatly in earnest, why certain Ones of the Ascended Masters are using this opportunity to dictate and convey Their Wishes to you? Because a very definite, powerful Accomplishment is being set into action within you for your Victory.

When this Class at the Pan Pacific Auditorium is completed, there will be hundreds of your precious ones who will not again know limitations. Oh, I rejoice so greatly!

At the time I returned and sang in the Ascended Body, as described in The Magic Presence, you could never know the Joy, the “thrill” as you express it, which filled My Being in again being able to stand forth visible and tangible in the limitless Power of the Voice of My “Mighty I AM Presence”.

Today there are hundreds of the blessed, beloved “I AM” Students who are beginning to sing with that Inner Voice. Oh, that suddenly all human sense of limitation might be removed, so you could feel the Glory of your “Mighty I AM Presence” as It stands ready to pour forth through your Heart Its Wondrous Glory!

Your Heart is the Heart of the “Mighty I AM Presence” – Its Anchorage within your human form.

May I say to you, as the Great Arcturus said today, “Your Heart is not your Heart, but the Heart of the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’.” How well I found that out when I saw that through my human Heart in the form which lay there seemingly helpless, I could restore, purify it quickly, and raise it into Eternal Freedom.

I am using that same purified Ascended Body today and always shall. You do not, after you have made the Ascension in this manner, ever return into human embodiment again.

It is not necessary! Your Pilgrimage on Earth is finished, but you can come and make that body tangible and visible at will in the octave of Earth. You can render a Service indescribable and inconceivable to the one not yet having attained.”

Mrs. Rayborn

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