understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You are no longer children. You are Gods of Light in the Acknowledgment of your “Presence”!

As you dissolve the cause and hold the rest of your human self that still remains, in abeyance, then your “Mighty I AM Presence” becomes the only Power acting.

During your Decrees, I stood here listening and rejoicing at the willingness of the Children of God to stand for their home – America. When you speak those Words – “The I AM Country”, “The Land of ‘the Light of God that never fails'” – do you not realize that you have uttered the Words which release the Mightiest Power in the Universe to produce that very thing here in your America?

How in the world can anything longer hold its sway of discord or deceit, when these Mighty Decrees are going forth now from nearly two hundred thousand Children of Light in America, calling with great intensity for Her Freedom?

Notice the spirit with which the blessed Students of the “I AM” all over America are entering into this with a joyous exhilaration, whose Power, Dear Ones, to send forth these Mighty Decrees is doing a Work that is inconceivable. Until you reach the state of the Ascended Masters, you cannot see the Power and the Light which It is producing.

No longer do the Children of America have to give way before discordant forces – whether it be in your private life, whether it be in your home, whether it be in your city or government. Say to every discordant appearance, “You have no power!” Then it does not have any power to act in your world or in your country.

When you issue these Mighty Decrees for the protection of your Supreme Court, it shall be protected. The Great Cosmic Light shall sweep in on the seventh of April, bringing an added Power that will silence all deceit concerning your government!

That Mighty Light shall bring America into the Power and Glory which belongs to Her. No human being or group of human beings has any power to longer charge the Earth or its atmosphere with any deception or discord.

Neither have they any power to interfere with or influence the mass of mankind, to do anything that will bring discredit upon Beloved America.”



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