understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Listen closely! The Call of the Children of America for this Light, for this Protection, is the only thing that has been required throughout the centuries to release and cause the Great Cosmic Light to come forth and give this Protection!

You will remember in one of the Discourses I dictated, that I said:  “If necessary, that Light as of Ten Thousand Suns shall sweep into the Earth and bring Relief and Protection to America”, and so it shall be done!

No longer is mankind helpless before these forces which individuals have not understood. Today every “I AM” Student who is in earnest understands the forces which they have to deal with, and they are fearless before them.

When they call this Mighty Light into action, the Mighty Activity of the “I AM Presence”, then the Power of the Universe has gone forth to do Its Perfect Work for each one, individually, collectively, and for nations.

Notice the difference, Beloved Ones, between the time when mankind did not know or accept its Divine Power, and now, when individuals have come to know this “Mighty Presence” which beats every Heart. Your Call to It actually releases a Universal Power to go forth and do that which you desire to have done.

It will continue to act, unless the individual through discordant feeling obstructs the way. You alone, through inharmony, are the only one who can obstruct your way, or prevent the response to the Decree which you issue.

Remember that, Beloved Ones! The whole responsibility is in your feeling world. When you issue a Decree, hold your feeling calm – determined that it shall be answered quickly. Stand by it with your determination, and it cannot fail to produce results for you.”



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