understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Great loving Hearts of America! Today it is My Privilege to draw your attention to Activities near at hand, in which you are a very important part. As you have been informed, on the seventh of April there will come a Great Cosmic Onrush of Light into Earth.

Today I come to you to give Assistance; for while you are hearing My Words, My Light shall go forth into the mental and feeling world of mankind, to prepare all everywhere for the Onrush of this Great Cosmic Light.

You may see some Manifestation of It or you may not, depending upon the Wisdom of the Great Cosmic Beings who are sending It forth; but there will be those of the “I AM” Students who will feel the great Exhilaration, the great Uplift that day. Those who do feel It, and even those who do not, will you qualify that eternally sustained in all activity of your life henceforth?

You see, Beloved Ones, it is not only a momentary achievement. In your conscious feeling and ability, every step, every achievement acquired, you can qualify to be eternally sustained and all-powerfully active forever – in your Life, your mind, body, home, world, or in whatever it is for which you require that activity.

This is such a definite, such a powerful Activity into which you have entered. This Great Stream of Life into which you have entered, may I remind you again, is Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance. Try to get the fullness of this idea.

Notice! Feel within your being that you are constantly, through your acceptance of the “Presence”, absorbing into the atomic structure of your body this Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance.

Do you not see, Precious Ones, that you must have perfect health? You must have energy without limit to send you forth like a rocket into any achievement in any direction for Perfection!

I assure you, Precious Ones, We are entering into a dynamic activity – not as you know it, but in the calm intensity of your feeling world – We are entering into the Activity of your Freedom. It shall become manifest in your mind, body, home, world, and affairs. You are not wavering any longer, you know.

Now, you straighten your spines and stand firm in the acceptance of your “Presence”. Remember again, Dear Ones, your determination is the activity of the Inner Will of the “Mighty I AM Presence”.

Be determined that America shall be free! Be determined that your Application brings results immediately! Do not let your human or anyone else’s qualify anything that you do or call for, with anything but Instantaneous Activity!

Then as you gain the momentum, you will find more and more there will come, just like rhythmic tapping, the steady acquirement of the Full Power in your Application for any achievement.”



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