understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I give you the Blessing of Saint Germain, Jesus, the Great Divine Director, and the Great Host of Ascended Masters.

They want so much to assist the Children of Earth to their Freedom and the Understanding of the Great Source of all Life, the “Mighty I AM Presence”, which every human being in Earth is seeking, but many do not yet know it in the physical senses.

All will one day come to know it, for the Work which Saint Germain has brought forth is spreading so rapidly throughout mankind and the World!

One day all mankind will again come to know this “Mighty I AM Presence’ and have the Blessing which It alone can give, and the Happiness which It can produce.

Now, there is one more thing I want to say before We stop and it is concerning the money you require in your world now and in the future.

So long as that is the means of exchange, remember, Dear Children, now is the time for you to anchor this firmly within your consciousness:  Your “Mighty I AM Presence”, which supplies Life to your body, is also the Treasure House. I mean by that, It is the Intelligence that opens the way and gives the supply of money to you which you require for things in the outer world.

There are many grown-ups who do not quite understand this;  but nevertheless, you as children today can understand that your “Mighty I AM Presence” is your Treasure House – that means by which your supply of money comes to you.

If you will always call to your “Mighty I AM Presence” to open the way and see that you are always supplied with the money you require in your Service of the Light, then the “Presence” will provide ways and means through the Power of Divine Love and Order, so you can and will always have the supply of money you require for the things you wish to use in your outer physical activity.

This is the reason why I am asking Mrs. Mundy and the Messengers to see that corrected copies of this are given to whoever conducts the School – not copies to be given out, but just to be read to the students whenever they feel impelled to do it, because this will carry the Radiation to you each time.”


Lady Master Nada

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