understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now in the Blessing of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, the Great Host of Ascended Masters, the Mighty Legion of Light, and the Great Cosmic Beings, I ask the Great Cosmic Light to hold you enveloped in Its Mighty Radiance, to produce perfect physical bodies; clean, pure, alert minds; and firm, determined attention to your “Mighty I AM Presence’, which will enable you to have the fullest Release from your “Presence”, the most powerful Activity possible.

Your gratitude should always pour out to your “I AM Presence” for everything that is given to you for use in your Life.

I thank you, Precious Children, for this wondrous attention which you have given to Me, and your reward shall be great in return for it.

You Precious Children! Do you realize that you have given just as perfect attention as any class of grown-up people? That is a very wonderful thing. You know how sometimes children wiggle around and get restless? Well, you did not, and this has been quite a long time that I have been talking to you.

So I just rejoice to see how you have already gained in your Understanding of your “Presence”. It proves to me that you must have a very lovely teacher who is teaching you in this Work. Do you love your teacher very much? Do all of you? (Many answer “Yes”.) Fine!

Now just remember that My Love enfolds each one of you always, unto your Perfection and your Ascension – just as I have Myself and as all the Ascended Masters have made Their Ascension. All make It in the same way.

Your Goal is not only to perfect yourself, but to Ascend eventually into this Electronic Body – your “Mighty I AM Presence” – when you become an Ascended Being, the same as I am today, as Saint Germain, the same as Jesus and the Divine Director.

So you see your Goal is twofold:  to free yourself from limitations which the human has created and then make your Ascension.

That will all come; and those who understand the “Mighty I AM Presence” in this embodiment, if they do not accomplish the Ascension now, then in the next embodiment they will, with very great certainty.

This is My Love and My Wish which I have conveyed to you tonight. I trust it may be read to you so you will be reminded sometimes of this night, in which We lived in a World not made with hands.

In the atmosphere of this room tonight is the Radiance of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, amplified by the Great Host of Ascended Masters. It has become a new World while We are here. You have entered into that new World which will continue to act within and about you the rest of your earthly pilgrimage here. Will you just always feel that?

My Love enfolds you forever in Its Transcendent Light. I hold you close in My Embrace of Love forever, unto your Victory and Ascension.

I thank you.”


Lady Master Nada

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