understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now I am going to ask the Beloved Messengers and Mrs. Mundy if they will make copies of this which I have said to you, so that each one of the Schools can have it to read to the children whenever they feel so inclined.

I shall be very grateful if they will do that; because each time it is read, I will be able to pour forth My Radiance through these Words which I have spoken to you, the same as I have spoken them tonight. That will give you a constant use of My Ascended Master Consciousness and Feeling which I am pouring forth to you tonight.

After a while, you will come to understand much more clearly than you do now, what these Words have meant to you tonight. As you keep calling it forth, then clearer and clearer will come the Understanding of that which I have anchored within your feeling world tonight to give you the Assistance.

I want you to know how great are My Joy and Love in this little talk to you, but I do not want to hold you longer tonight. Just remember – Nada was with you in person tonight and dictated these Words to you, because of My Great Love for you.

Will you remember that and feel it is a part of your body and your Life and your Activity always? This will give Me the greatest opportunity to give you all the Assistance that I can. Unless I can have your attention upon Me, I cannot do so much for you.

Do you remember, sometimes when you have seen the man who sells balloons, how those little balloons are fastened to strings? You have seen him hold ever so many in his hand by the strings.

In the same way there are threads of Light that go out from Me to you tonight, by which I give you those Qualities which I want to convey into your feeling world. This is the way I am pouring out tonight, just like Threads of Light – oh, through little tiny Rays that go out.

Will you sometimes remember that – how it was done this night? Then you will have tremendous Assistance and Blessings.”


Lady Master Nada

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