understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh do not limit yourselves again in any manner whatsoever, Precious Ones. I plead with you. Your “Mighty I AM Presence” is your Storehouse of Health, Strength, Supply, Money, Happiness, Joy – everything you require is here.

The Fullness of it is anchored there {above the Electronic Body}! It is ready to pour forth, without limit, everything you require! Will you not accept that?

So far as your money supply is concerned, will you not accept your “Presence” as your Storehouse? Then, if channels are necessary for your supply, those channels must work in harmony for your supply. Do you not see how it cannot fail?

If any of you are lacking for your money supply in any way, it is because in your feeling world there is the consciousness of your limitation. In the intellect you are not aware of this obstruction acting in your feeling.

Then say: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, take out of me the feeling that is obstructing the way! You release Your Supply of money I require in the Service of the Light!”

Oh, Precious Ones, do you not see it could not fail, not for one moment? We want you to become fully conscious that your “Presence” holds ready to pour forth at any given moment everything that you require for your happiness and comfort. After all, it is through your joy and happiness that the release comes quickly of everything your “Presence” holds for you.

As you stand before the Chart of your “Presence” each day, feel Its Joy and Happiness surging forth, and filling your world and home. It will do it so much more powerfully than anything mankind has yet conceived through the human activity.”


Cha Ara

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