understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Tonight, oh, Beloved Ones, you shall go forth carrying My Joy, My Happiness, My Consciousness, of your supply of every good thing which you require for use. It shall remain active there within your feeling world. I so decree it.

Will you not accept this in its fullness for your Freedom? How do I know that which I desire to anchor within your feeling world for your use is acting there?

By the Activity of the Light within you. Even as I issued that Decree, this moment the Light expands within in you in response to My Great Desire to help you. That is how We know whether Our Decree or Desire for your Assistance is acting or not.

I am grateful that you are able to accept My Humble Service which I have offered.

In the Fullness of the Great Light, “the Light of the World”, I call Its Activity to hold you in Its Wondrous Embrace, raising, raising, raising you, until that moment when you suddenly feel yourself wholly free from every limitation, and you call forth through your greater Understanding this Blessing for all mankind.

Do you realize, oh, Beloved Ones, tonight in this hour We have been in a Heavenly, Eternal Sanctuary of the Light? It will always continue to expand for you.

My Love enfolds you forever, and may your acceptance make it ever more and more and possible for Our Assistance to come to you.

I thank you.”


Cha Ara

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