understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, Precious Ones, you have entered into a World of Light, Love, Freedom, and Perfection. Accept it unto its fullness in all activity of you of you and your world.

Remember, Dear Ones, no longer need you accept or hold within you the slightest inharmony in your bodies; for you know now the Light in your Heart, your physical heart in your body, is your “Mighty I AM Presence” acting there.

I leave this Statement with you tonight. Remember, your Heart is your “Mighty I AM Presence” acting within your human form. Therefore, Its Radiance pouring forth in every cell of your body through the Threads of Light that come forth, and the Points of Light within those cells, enable you to be a dynamo of the Energy from your Heart.

Then to think that mankind should ever had thought anyone could have Heart trouble! It is never the Heart that is troubled, Dear Hearts; it is your feeling, just your feeling that is troubled – not the Heart.

So remember, remind yourselves, oh, Precious Ones, that your Heart here, giving Life to your body and circulation through it, is your “Mighty I AM Presence” in your human form.

Do you not see then, how you cannot help but feel the closeness, the Reality of your “Mighty I AM Presence” within you, producing Its Perfection instantly at your Command?

At your Command, a great intensified Activity must sweep out all imperfection of every kind.

Many times this Good Messenger has been brought to those who were so ill and weak that they could not walk, and after twenty minutes got up and walked with full strength – showing that the trouble which was thought to be the Heart was only a human concept in the feeling world of that individual. As soon as that was removed from the feeling world, the strength of the “Presence” was there.”


Cha Ara

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