understanding the “I am”…that is you…

“Tonight I wish to remind you how very wonderful is the adoration in your songs to these Great Ones. Oh, it is very wonderful! That harmony and rhythm of your love and adoration pouring forth to Them in song, enables Them to come back to you in a Transcendent manner which words could not describe.

Tonight you sang so wonderfully, really. You know there are two kinds of singing: one that sings from the intellect and the other that sings from the Heart. You have heard singers who were as cold as ice, haven’t you? Then, you have heard those whose very Radiance glows with the loving Kindness of the Wondrous “Presence” and Activity within them. Those sing from the Heart.

You, tonight, sang from the Heart. You know the poetical phrase, “Two hearts that beat as one.” It is far more than that – many Hearts are beating as one tonight.

Oh, Dear Ones, do you not see how, in the Acknowledgment of the Great, the Mighty “Presence”, all the world becomes an expression of Divine Love? All the world becomes lovers – expressing Divine Love. Do you not see how wonderful it is?

These Beloved Messengers have learned to do that – to pour forth such a Power of Divine Love to the Students that It gives them happiness they never knew existed before in their love to each other.

Their love before was very great, and yet it was not a fragment in comparison to this Great Love of the “Mighty I AM Presence” which pours forth to flood the world of the Students everywhere.”


Cha Ara

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