understanding the “I am”…that is you…

“The Great Light which gives you Life and beats your Heart is Free, oh, so Free! Yet the ignorance of the human tries to bind that Light and say to that which the Light produces: “You are mine! You must obey me!”

What nonsense! Oh, the Freedom of the Light to give every human being Freedom! Once mankind learns to do that, then very great will be the happiness mankind will experience.

Is it not a tragedy, Dear Hearts, when human beings, for any reason whatsoever, try to bind others to them? It is not the Law of Life. Freedom is the Law of Life. That does not mean license to do wrong things, not by any means!

But it does mean in the feeling world each one should let every other one be perfectly free. Just call their “Mighty I AM Presence” into action and feel it. Then all must be in perfect, harmonious accord.

This does not mean that men and women should go out and pick up with each other’s wives and husbands or anything of the kind. That is not freedom! It is worse bondage than ever, because when mankind sets up causes, God alone knows how far-reaching are the effects.

Freedom means, in your feeling world, to let everyone feel the full Glory of his own “Presence”. Wonderful! wonderful! wonderful indeed! Only We who have attained that Freedom know just how wonderful It is.”


Cha Ara

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