Grateful Evening Loves 😊

It Was A Blessed Friday That We Got To Experience…Let Us Give Thanks And Praises…And Pray For The Souls That Didn’t Make It…Amen. Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin Tone Purple Heart on Apple iOS 12.1

If Only Hate, Violence…And Guns…Would Disappear…Or Better Yet, If We All Could Learn To Love One Another…Instead Of Living In Fear…For Power Behind A Gun Is Nothing…Compared To The Power Within Each Of Us…Woman Mage: Medium Skin ToneMan Mage: Medium-Dark Skin Tone

These Messages Are Never Meant To Judge…For No One Is Perfect…But Only To Nudge Us…In A Positive Direction…Praise God…If It’s Not For You…Ignore It And Continue In Love…Purple Heart on Apple iOS 12.1

The Most High God Gave Us A Heart, Mind, And Soul To Use, Not For Harm…But For The Betterment Of Ourselves And Mankind. Maybe, In Some Instances, We Are Being Shown The Repercussions Of Our Past Actions As A Country, Towards Other Cultures, Peoples And Their Countries; Karma, So To Speak…So That We Will Learn Better, And Begin To Utilize Our God-Given Assets For Higher Purposes…Such As PRESERVING And Improving LIFE For All…Lest We Annihilate Ourselves. Skull and CrossbonesSkull and CrossbonesSkull and Crossbones

Yes America, We Have Major Issues Within This Country, That Needs To Be Seriously, Yet Compassionately Addressed, Instead Of Directing That Negativity Towards One Another…Or Other Nations; Because Anger, “Power Wielding”, And Division Does Not Help Any Of Us. Face Without Mouth

It Is Not A Game…You Know, “Those Times” That Many Are Still Waiting For? They Are Here… And The Time Is Now! And Neither Is God Gonna Come Down From The Heavens To Make It All Better…Cuz The Most High One Has Already Given Us That Power…Which Is Within Each One Of Us. Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin Tone

And To Use It For Bad Is Definitely Detrimental To One’s Self, But Can Also Affect The Collective; However, To Use It For Good…Will Raise Us All Up…To Higher Levels. Yet, Unfortunately…If We Don’t Soon Realize This And Make Grand Changes, Individually And Collectively…It’s Only Gonna Get Worse…Before It Gets Better….That’s Real…Exploding Head

So, If Any Of Us Kinda Sorta Understand, And Believe In Our Sacred Texts, Whatever They May Be…Then We Already Know Where We Stand…Whether Or Not…We Fully Comprehend It…And The Time Is Now…Open Book Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin Tone

Purple Heart on Apple iOS 12.1 Therefore, EVERYONE…Contribute Your Hearts, Minds, Souls, Substances And Essences…To The World…In A Way That Raises The Level Of Love And Compassion For Us All…Because IN YOU IS POWER…And Anything Is Possible…Glory To God Purple Heart on Apple iOS 12.1

And Let Us Give Thanks And Praises For The Mercy And Compassion That Has Been Shown This Country…Even After A Lot Of Havoc That We Have Wreaked (So Don’t Act Like Y’all Don’t Know)… And May We Begin To Show That Same Mercy And Compassion To Each Other, And Other Nations…And God Bless Us All… Woman Bowing: Medium-Dark Skin Tone

Y’all Be Safe…N Y’all Be Love…Purple Heart on Apple iOS 12.1Purple Heart on Apple iOS 12.1Purple Heart on Apple iOS 12.1

A great human revolution in just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation and, further, can even enable a change in the destiny of all humankind.

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