understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Pardon Me if I talk too rapidly. We rejoice today in the Glory that is yours and in the great Expansion of the Light within your Precious Hearts. We see It, Dear Ones, oh, as clearly as you see the faces of each other. We see and know your achievement. This is why in these wondrous days, We utilize every opportunity to convey to you Words of encouragement.

Not only do those Words go forth, but Our Radiation pours out through those Words and acts within your feeling world, although you may not yet comprehend much of it. The Light is acting there just as surely as I am telling you.

In Our Radiance, even now, many of you feel Its Glory within your Heart – the warmth and Radiance of the Divine Love from your “Presence”. Even as I call It forth, the chest area of the Messenger is almost glowing enough for you to see it physically, and that Light is acting within you.

In your 100% Groups, I say to you tonight:  A Great Service is being rendered America and the World, but do you know that something else is being done for you individually? Just for a moment feel this deeply!

We are trying in many ways to bring your 100% Groups to a certain achievement. This is why you were impelled to start them. We want to bring you to a point where We can show you the Manifestation of these Inner Powers, which will enlighten all tremendously who are prepared for it.

This Good Messenger has had to receive certain Preparation. Each One who dictates must have that One’s own Radiance established within and about him, to enable Us to flash these Words before him which he conveys to you. This has now become such a natural activity.

There is only a breath between Our Visibility and the Radiance which went forth from his shoulders to the waist tonight, in this Light which I have called forth into action within you.

As the 100% Groups are more and more prepared for it, who knows when some very delightful, beautiful thing will suddenly show you all the proof you want of that which the Messengers have so earnestly endeavored to convey to you?

This is not an imaginary thing. We are not imaginary Beings. As the Great Divine Director said last night, We are really more Real than you are. Perfection is Real, more Real than that which contains imperfection, is it not? Therefore, We are the Reality.”


Cha Ara

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