understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, Beloved Ones, it is such a beautiful thing to come into this closeness with you, wherein We can reach into your Heart and feeling world and give the Assistance that you so much crave.

All mankind must have this until they come to a certain point of Self-mastery. As you understand this, deeper and deeper gratitude comes forth. Then you prepare the way more and more, not only for the greater flood from your “Presence”, but for that which We can give you.

We love to hold your hands, and sometimes We move about you when you least expect it. From anywhere We are, We need but to direct Our Attention to you to see what is required.

When you give your attention to Us – your “Presence” first and then to Us – your Radiance, your Ray of Light comes to Us like an arrow. We know it and come back on your Ray of Light with all that is required or permitted. Do you not see, oh, Beloved Ones, how practical is all of this Mighty Activity?

Now, while I am speaking these Words, try to accept the Feeling of how practical is every particle of this so-called Transcendent Activity. It is Transcendent from the human sense, but it is all so practical and natural!

The Activity of the Ascended Masters is the most practical thing in the world. As you come to feel that, you will enable Us to do so much more for you. Then, so much greater Assistance can be given than if you felt It was something too Transcendent for you yet to reach.

Mankind has gone on throughout the centuries since the time of Jesus and His Ministry, feeling He was a Being so far beyond them that He could not be reached. His Heart has ached so many times for mankind when He wanted to come close and give Assistance, yet the very feeling of individuals held Him away at a great distance.

Once you learn the power of your feeling world, what a transformation will take place in your Life. Hold your feeling harmonious to the Great “Presence”. Call It with great determination into action to produce Its Perfection and hold Its Dominion in your world. Oh, then the Joy, the Beauty, the Freedom, and the Happiness that is yours!

Oh, Dear Hearts, you do not need longer remain in unhappiness of any kind. Oh, do not let the human any longer have dominion to make you unhappy.”


Cha Ara

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