understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We rejoice exceedingly in the privilege that We have, to be of Assistance, oh, Beloved Ones. Your precious Hearts are reaching out so intensely, not only for Freedom, but for your Ascension.

Just think what has been accomplished in so short a time – a little more than two years! Oh, Precious Ones here in California, in a little more than one year you have gained within your Precious Hearts that wondrous conviction, feeling, and desire for the Ascension, which it is possible for you to attain.

Think of it! People who have been in this Understanding of the “I AM” for only one year, before coming into It, could not have even conceived such a thing was possible. Yet today thousands and thousands have accepted, in the fullness of their feeling, the Reality of their Ascension, and are working toward It with earnestness.

As you have been told before, Precious Hearts, if for any reason you do not accomplish your Ascension in this embodiment – in your understanding, Application, and powerful reaching forth for It, you would be certain to make It in the next embodiment.

Remember, you carry with you everything of the achievement you have attained so far. Now, with the use of the Violet Consuming Flame, you can dissolve all discordant creations about you. Then when you return again, you have nothing to meet here but the Glory and Perfection which the Understanding of this “Presence” holds for you. Its Perfection waits to meet you.

Then instead of your human creation, the Blazing Light meets you here; you go forth quickly in that Blazing Light, into your Ascension in the next embodiment.”


Cha Ara

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