understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Radiance released in this room tonight from yourselves is the most astonishing thing you ever witnessed, if you were to suddenly see It. That is what it means, oh, Beloved Ones, to be obedient.

Do you think there is anyone in the world who could possibly think that obedience to the Great Divine Law meant privation of any kind? Oh, how could anybody in the world think such a thing?

Yet some of humanity do. They think that being obedient means they are going to be deprived of some of their sense desires. It will be well indeed when all these sense desires, all limitations, are bound forever. Does anyone want to hang on to them? I think not!

This is what I say to you, Beloved Ones who have taken this step, keep on, go on, to your Glorious, Wondrous Freedom.

Saint Germain insisted that I speak to you tonight. I convey His Love and that from the Blessed Nada, the Blessed Master Jesus, the Beloved Lanto from the Royal Teton, and that Group of Ascended Masters in Arabia. They see among you those to whom they can give Great Assistance, and I convey Their Love and Blessing to you.”


Great Divine Director

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