understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Ere long you will find that no appearance of limitation or discord will have any effect whatever upon you. You will just say to it: “Oh, run along, you have had your day! Do not bother me.”

Precious Ones, it is with joyous dismissal of the human appearances that you find your Mastery. It is not in resistance, but with just that sort of indifference, say: “Oh, you human appearance, you have no power! Run along now! Do not try to bother me any more. You are just wasting your time.” As you take that marvelous attitude to those appearances which not very long ago were so terrifying, it becomes, oh, so wonderful.

This Beloved Brother wants you to feel his Freedom – oh, so much. See how in such a short time a great transformation can take place. So it is within each one of you. I say, “each one of you”, Dear Hearts – everyone who is here! The rapid change is taking place! The human is dissolving – it has to! I command it to do so and set you free forever!

Will you believe Me when I say I shall long remember this evening? Surely, you too will always remember it, when once you come to understand how all takes place from within out, in this Great Activity and Acknowledgment of the “Mighty I AM Presence” – not from without in.

Therefore, it is always amusing to Me when I touch upon this point with Students, because sometimes they think they are still having a struggle – while to Me, that is all past.

Do you get My Meaning? To Me your struggles are all past! I am not speaking in riddles. Remember, to Me your struggles are all past! Accept it, will you not?

Would you believe that sometimes We are tempted? Shall I tell you how? The temptation is so great to extend My Hand and just lift you up. It could be done! I say that because it is true, so I may try to convey to you the Accomplishment.”


Great Divine Director

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