understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Hearts, you have entered into this 100% Group, please do not accept one word, one thought, that We are not Real – that the Ascended Masters are not Real. We are far more Real than you are yet; for in that feeling of Our Reality, of Our Closeness, it enables you to become like Us.

Do you know I just love to feel you Heart beat. When My Rays of Light go from My Heart to yours, then you become a part of Me – not the Messenger you see before you – but of MYSELF; and do you know that for some time this has been going on?

Oh, I want you to feel, Beloved Ones, We are no long-faced individuals; We are filled with Joy and Happiness – that serene, clean, pure Joy and Happiness which is always bubbling over.

Our Gratitude is so great, even in Our Attainment – a Gratitude so great to the Principle of Life which We enjoy, of which We are a part, in which today We have become a Perfected Part. This is what We want to do – to help to assist you to become that which WE ARE.

I suppose We must consider time, but you know I would just like to hold you in My Radiance until every one of you just dissolve those outer garments of imperfection, and then We go on together. That is the way the atmosphere in the room is tonight.

It is so beautiful that that in a moment’s stillness the very outer atmosphere throbs with Joy of Freedom which It is, that Joy of Freedom which is yours NOW. Will you not accept It in Its fullness? Oh, just think – that Freedom which encompasses all Perfection! Stand eternally glorified in Its Radiance forever!

Tonight I offer the Eternal Blessings of the Great Host of Ascended Masters, the Legion of Light, the Great Cosmic Beings, the Gods of the Mountains, the Angelic Host, and My own Love to enfold you with Its Courage, Strength, and Conscious Dominion; to sustain you and quickly lift you unto Our Freedom from every limitation and discord of every kind, until you too, like this Good Brother, can say to all limiting appearances of discord, “You have no power!” Then they have no power in your world.

Oh, if you could feel that! I know you can! You can feel it – now! Say to all limiting appearances or discord of any kind: “You have no power! ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, take command of my word! Fill it with Your Perfection, and hold Your Dominion within it forever!” Then feel the Glory of it actually operating.

The Blessings of the Great Cosmic Light enfold each one of you unto your Perfection and Ascension. My Love enfolds you forever in Its Transcendent Light.”


Great Divine Director

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