understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In your future work here, Precious Ones, remember that We are always pouring forth Our Radiance to you, where there is Harmony; but We cannot do it where there is not.

To those who refuse to give obedience to the simple things We ask, We cannot give Our Radiance; for without obedience nothing can be accomplished.

Furthermore, We will not release great volumes of energy into the use of anyone unless We are sure they will not requalify it with anger, criticism, hatred, or any of those qualities which are destructive.

One day you shall know how great Our Love is for you, and how earnestly We watch to guard everywhere. When the Beloved Messengers are prompted to warn and guard you, please do not feel that they are interfering with your Free Will at any time. Such is not the case, but as Messengers they must convey the Truth.

Always just remember, their Love is very, very great for you, and they will stand by always to give assistance.

Oh Beloved Ones of the Light, your Heartbeat is a throb of Delight from your “Mighty I AM Presence”, giving you Life! more, and more, and more Life!

As you gain in your understanding and feel your authority to call forth this Great Intelligent Energy from your “Mighty I AM Presence”, watch! stand guard! that you do not requalify It.”


Saint Germain

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