understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I am sure in this Class, as never before, you feel the greater and greater Reality of this Privilege which is yours in receiving from your “Mighty I AM Presence” Its limitless Intelligence, limitless Energy, and greater and greater Strength, more and more perfect Health.

I say to you with full assurance that no one can fail if he has understood refusing acceptance of discordant appearances and conditions, and will earnestly call the “Presence” into Action. All must have Perfect Health. It is the Law of your being, Precious Ones, no matter what the conditions are, what the X ray shows in anyone’s body.

The “Presence” releases those Mighty Currents of Energy in and through the body and sweeps out every imperfection that is there. Will you accept it? Will you believe it? Let the Power flow through to bring you Perfect Health – it is essential.

If you are constantly harassed by the feeling of pain and distress in the body, you cannot give your fullest attention to the “Presence”, so that It releases the greatest volume.

Therefore, sometimes one needs encouragement or strength, and I trust there is no “I AM” Student who comes under this Radiation that will not willingly, joyously give that.

I say to all of you, Beloved Students, never allow yourselves to be impatient with those who come to you for advice or help. Do not ever answer them impatiently, and do not ever refuse help. Do not ever say to someone who comes to you:  “You have an ‘I AM Presence’. Why do you not stand by It?” That would be unkind. You do not know the forces playing upon that one which might have discouraged him.

Instead, place your hand about that one’s shoulder and say: “My brother – or my sister – my hand is in yours in the Strength of my ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, until you have won your Victory. Go forth, call your ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ into action and I will help you.”

Send them forth the feeling that you are interested in their Victory.”


Saint Germain

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