understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“After Our experience of more than two years, in the earnest endeavor to convey to you the Understanding of the “Mighty I AM Presence” which is your Freedom, it is most gratifying indeed, oh, Beloved Ones, to see the Expansion of the Light within your Hearts and of all the Students throughout America and the World.

Again, I say, it is most gratifying to find those Books have found their way into all parts of the World, carrying their Light and their Freedom to all points of the globe. We have been with you during the past ten days, and have with the greatest of Joy felt the loving response within your Hearts. We too rejoice exceedingly.

I say this that you may know it is only the beginning of the great Joy, the great Light, and the great Freedom which is yours. So many have entered into It sufficiently to know there is really no limit to that which they may attain.

I say to you tonight – and I try to put into it all the Love of My Being – I congratulate you Blessed Ones in San Francisco on the Expansion of your Light, in spite of the seeming chaos which at times seemed to be in your midst.

Yet steadily and surely have you gone forward, in the greater and greater Expansion and Perfection of your Presence of Life, which is your “Mighty I AM.”


Saint Germain

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