understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Precious Ones, you are all very dear, so dear to Our Hearts. The Blessed Nada, the Beloved Master Jesus, the Great Divine Director, Chananda, Leto, and Lanto all wish to convey Their Love and Blessings to you tonight.

It is just as though you were together in Their midst listening to Them. Will you not accept this – Their Blessing and Radiation in your feeling world, in your mental world, in your outer world of activity – and let Its Great Radiation go forth to give you whatever Assistance is required?

In the great stillness of this wondrously charged atmosphere is that of which you have often heard, and yet mankind has so little comprehended: “In the Great Silence or Stillness is God’s Greatest Activity.”

As you have been so sweet and kind to give Me your attention tonight, during this stillness of the outer there has flowed into your beings Our Wondrous Substance, which will become an eternally active Presence within and for you.

When you would lack in courage, It will assert Itself and take you forward; when you feel a little lack of energy, then It will come into action and stimulate you to make your Call and have Its Mighty Energy flow through.

Precious Ones, believe Me tonight when I say there is not one of you in this room but who can raise his hands to the “Presence” every morning when you get up – not later than eight o’clock – and through your Call to the “Presence” charge your mind and body with Its Mighty Strength, Courage, Health, and Energy.”


Saint Germain

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