understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Hearts, if there has been the slightest intimation of any disturbance, say: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, pass your Violet Consuming Flame through my mental and feeling body; sweep out and dissolve all imperfection. Then pour Your Mighty Currents through, filling my mind and body with Your Mighty Health, Strength, and Buoyancy.”

Oh, My Precious Ones, you can have perfect health and happiness, joyous strength and energy filling your body every day, if you will. If the first time you do not feel the full result, go right on and on and on; and suddenly you will find when you make the Call, the Energy will flow in and fill your body tremendously. You will not have to make the Call a second time that day.

Notice, you might easily and justly ask Me, “Why do I have to make the Call each day?” Because, Precious Ones, you are moving in a seething vortex of discordant feeling and suggestion from mankind, and you must keep calling to the “Presence” until you have gained the momentum to be your sustained protection.

Therefore, you must keep on calling until your momentum becomes so great it acts involuntarily. Even then, until you have made the Ascension, it would be far better to continue to make your Call every day than to rest on the “Presence” and not make it. Can you not make that effort at least?

You see, the inclination of all human beings, Dear Hearts, is to “let George do it.” I am sure you all agree with Me that all have been inclined to let someone else do it, because “I don’t feel quite like it today.” That is just the time, Dear Hearts, you want to rise up and say, “Here, you cannot do this thing.”

Now I tell you frankly, when you feel the slightest touch of cold, rise up and say in the full consciousness of your “Presence”: “I will not have that! ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, take it out of me – cause and effect! Fill me with Your Health, Strength, and Energy, and stop this nonsense.”

Dear Hearts, you can dismiss it in just a few minutes. If you do this a few times, you would stop that habit from acting in you, and you would feel your ability to control such conditions completely. You will dismiss it at once and not have to go through several days of such experience.

Oh, I tell you, Dear Hearts, My rejoicing is tremendous because I know you are gaining the full consciousness of this. I know your feeling, and you must understand you can do these things. You are shutting out these things with tremendously greater firmness, and preventing them from acting in your world. It was the sinister thing that started this suggestion of the flu among mankind. It was nothing else in the world. It is nonsense.

Dear Hearts, do not accept it into your world just because that silly suggestion starts and people succumb to it. Do you not see, it is the power of suggestion that gets them down and then treads upon them? Do not do it.

In this Good Brother’s practice, I have seen him, during those years of healing, go to patients who thought they were so ill they could not raise their heads. In a half an hour they would be up dressed. Nothing in the world was the matter with those people but the suggestion which had been driven into their consciousness. As soon as he removed that, they were all right.

This is exactly what takes place with more than seventy five percent of the conditions mankind meets. It is but suggestion. If mankind understood how to be quickly alert and on the defense, it could not register in the feeling.”


Saint Germain

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