understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you not see, Precious Ones, you are moving in an atmosphere charged dynamically with human suggestions of every conceivable description? If you do not call the “Presence” to hold Its Guard about you, the human feeling rides in and qualifies you and your world with its activity.

I am only mentioning this one thing tonight; but there are dozens of things – feelings of mankind – which you will register if you do not stand guard and refuse acceptance to all human feelings. Unless you call your “Presence” to stand guard, you will, at least temporarily, be inclined to carry them out. It is the same thing Dear Hearts, with anger, with irritation, with sex conditions or whatever it is.

For instance, you go into the streetcar and sit down by one whose idea is charged with one of those things. If you do not refuse acceptance and call your “Presence” to protect you, you will take on that feeling and think it is your own.

This is why many people find such difficulty in correcting and dissolving the sex desire – because they come into the atmosphere of people in which that feeling is so heavily charged, and they begin to accept it into their feeling unknowingly. Outwardly, there may be nothing in the individual that would indicate it; but the feeling is acting just the same.  Oh, Dear Hearts, I tell you, “I AM” Students, watch your feelings!


I tell you, Beloved “I AM” Students, do not go to any other “I AM” Student with the feeling of sex desire in your being, as you value your progress. That thing has gone on among some of the Students. Watch out, Dear Hearts, that those do not come into your midst who are not especially interested in the “I AM”, but think they see an opportunity to get their claws upon the Students. I warn you!

A Student that would go into the home of another and offer sex suggestions to anyone there is not fit to be called an “I AM” Student – and We know all that is going on!

I tell you, Precious Ones, your day is short! Do not allow those things to govern you longer. If you are determined to gratify your sex in your home, that is your own business; but do not go to any other “I AM” Student with an atmosphere charged with that desire and, either through feeling or otherwise, offer that suggestion.”


Saint Germain

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