understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, Precious Ones, do not keep your system too full of food. Beloved Ones, would you actually believe Me when I say that most of the “I AM” Students are still eating twice as much as they need? Actually it is true.

You might think I have been around sometimes. I might have been, and it is not eavesdropping either; but Our Love is so great for you, Dear Hearts, that We want to give everyone all the Freedom We can, and help in the quickest manner possible.

I do not mean you should starve yourselves – that would be a great extreme – but do not continue to eat, Dear Hearts, until you feel uncomfortable. Just stop a little before that. You know, I have recently been thinking that I shall have to take this Good Brother in hand, too.

Do you know this is a thing that does happen many time? You go into an atmosphere where people are very hungry, and you will take on the same feeling if you do not watch out and guard against it. Now believe it or not, that is true and is why many people who are sensitive eat more than they really want!

Watch out for this feeling, when you are eating where there are a great number of people – in cafeterias and places of that kind. In these places, some of the people may not have had so much to eat for a few days. When they come in and you happen to touch their atmosphere, you who are sensitive might easily take on that feeling. Then when you go out, you wonder why you ate so much. Do you see?

I tell you, Precious Ones, once you understand how to guard yourself against all human suggestions, you will feel a freedom indescribable; for it is one of the most wonderful things in the world.”


Saint Germain

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