understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I am prompting you because of so great a Love. You cannot yet possibly understand how We know all that is going on in your feeling world. We have to, Dear Hearts! How could We help you if We did not? Do you think you can be drawn into Our Radiation and We not know what is going on in your mental feeling world? It is impossible, Dear Hearts!

We do not seek it; but when you are seeking the Light, Our Radiation and Assistance, We are compelled to know what is in your feeling – not with the slightest sense of criticism or condemnation, only in loving Kindness to offer Our Assistance that We may help you to be free.

Oh, Beloved Ones, I have seen some of our blessed Students – a few only – who have been so earnest, have expressed and claimed the Great Blessing that they have received from this “I AM” Work, and then have receded into the extreme sex gratification again. I want to awaken them to what they are doing, for it just deprives them and shuts the Door of Light before them. God, the “Mighty I AM Presence”, help them and set them free!

Tonight, oh, My Loved Ones, it is just like We were sitting in My Home with all you Precious Ones around Me, and We were just talking in this Heart-to-Heart manner – just as though I were answering the many questions besetting you.

I feel just like that tonight in the great Love which goes out, enfolding you; for it enable Me to prompt you in these things. Know it is all in such great loving Kindness.”


Saint Germain

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