understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In Norway We once met many of those Great Beings of Light whose Province it is to assist the Children of Earth.

We, seeing that this Knowledge of the “I AM” is reaching so near Our Great Focus once held there – I take this opportunity to thank those who will go forth and expand It to those people.

In their quiet of the past months, I want them to know it has been for the building up of Energy to go forth in this Service. May this blessed trinity rejoice.

I wish tonight that I might talk Heart to Heart with each one of you and cause you to feel My Heart throb in that which I know is being quickened into action for you.

As beloved Saint Germain’s Joy has been so great recently, so too are We feeling and pouring out to you Our Joy, that you have the simplicity of expression which brings such majestic action.

In the simple words, “the Power of your Attention”, do you not see, oh, Precious Ones, that it is the simplicity of thought and expression which brings the great release of the Powers of Freedom? Only in the complication of expression is the Truth so often hidden.

Ever shall Saint Germain be blessed for bringing this Knowledge of the “Mighty I AM Presence” forth in such simple language that all may understand and apply It. So We are blessing Him as greatly as you are, for that Great, Great Service He has rendered.”


God Meru

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